Enter the regenerative economy.

Our Business developers, scientists, marketing experts and certification experts assist in process, project management and certification management for renewable energy developers and municipalities with a combination of business development, sustainability impact, co-creation, participation and financial engineering

Certification works to push the standard on the market higher and let our clients show their quality so together we can solve societal challenges together. We develop and manage groundbreaking certifications with a business development approach for exactly this reason.

Nature Inclusive Solar Parks Certification – BRL K11007

An integrated project management tool and independently audited certification for responsible and impactful solar park developments.

We help you go carbon net-negative. Certified..

A new systems thinking approach to certification with a blend of financial engineering.

How we can help you?

Our certification approach helps you adapt to disruptive forces, plan for positive societal impact and become a resilient company – for now next and beyond.

Quality Management & Certification

We assist you with your management systems and certification.

Consultancy Services

We consult across a range of topics and carry projects to success

Research & Development

We connect strongly with innovation in industry and scientific knowledge

News & Activities

In challenging times, we’re #regeneratetheplanet and contribute to a more inclusive energy transition

Through actions both big and small, our people are helping our clients and society to have a positive societal impact, increase biodiversity and provide optimal stakeholder engagement

Landscape & Ecosystem Restoration

Regenerative thinking as the core to our agricultural system

Due to the agricultural revolution, natural elements such as meadows, hedgerows, forests and ditches have disappeared. These elements are not only part of nature but are also part of our…
Energy Transition Services

Certified Nature Inclusive Solar Parks – BRL K11007

Your One-Stop-Shop Developing a solar park is no easy task. Luckily, you don’t have to make a NISP alone. Leafteasers specialises in blending ecology, biodiversity and landscape related matters and…
Research & Development

Data to power the Regenerative Economy.

AI and datadriven decisions.. Together with our partners we are a professional and independent source for air quality and environmental data that enables businesses and individuals make better decisions based…
Energy Transition Services

Measuring and Monitoring

Maintenance As soon as the solar park has been built, nature can be left to grow , but of course, it will need to be kept in check to maintain…

Our projects & Clients

November 13, 2020

High Resolution Remote Sensing and AI to track ecosystem health around NISP Solar Parks

November 13, 2020

Sunvest BRL K11007 certification

November 13, 2020

Development of NISP Certified for Guinee

February 7, 2020

Van Baarsen Buisleidingen. Leading the Energy Transition

Consultants for Strategic Quality Management