We are Leafteasers Impact

and we are regenerating the planet.


We consult across a range of topics and carry projects to success


We connect strongly with innovation in industry and scientific knowledge


Certified impact is what we deliver for your organisation.

Vision, values & strategy


We define this as restoring quality of life on our planet, while promoting prosperity and healthy regions for our clients, our communities and all stakeholders.


We believe the market needs to break out of its comfort zone. Business should be done in an intrinsically new way, with responsibility for each other, for our regenerative economy and for the future.


We firmly believe in acting in a socially responsible manner, in order to offer everyone a voice, and promote health and hapiness across a range of stakeholders.


We need the economy to operate within ecosystem boundaries. Measures to improve the environment should be scientifically-backed, in order to reach the goal of a climate neutral and biodiversity positive world.

Meet Our Team

We are an action-oriented and forward-thinking team.
Together we work on exciting multidisciplinary projects and create real impact.

We set ourselves apart with  unwavering ambition,  forward-looking partners and approaches to become an unmissable player in the coming years.

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Roel van Beusekom



NISP manager


Ecology and Biodiversity Consultant

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