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Ecosystem, Landscape and Biodiversity Revival

Solar Park permit delays and cancellations often revolve around insufficient diligence for ecosystem and biodiversity. And rightly so – The environment faces a crisis and measures need to be taken to nurture ecosystems.

Our team takes care of all environmental aspects of a NISP. we focus on making business work together with – and not against- the ecosystem.

Following the NISP tool and working with our ecology and biodiversity specialist helps you create something truly special. It will really get people talking – for all the right reasons!

Throughout every phase in solar park development there is guidance from our ecological and biodiversity specialist. They work to take the local flora and fauna into account and create dynamic natural landscapes. This helps to show that solar parks can also be a space for habitat creation (rather than degradation).

Solar park development brings with it a fair share of legal obligations regarding nature protection. We follow legal protocol to make sure the regulatory necessities are covered, leaving solar developers with less to worry about.

Energy Transition Services

The future of oil and gas? the sector needs a full transformation in less than 25 years. A safer, smarter, greener and restorative system needs to be put in place. We help companies across the value chain to reach this goal.

We are helping our clients with massive disruption on multiple fronts to reach this goal. Green energy and more consumer & stakeholder-centric services are our focus.

Stakeholder Engagement

Happy stakeholders is the best result of any project.

With our help on stakeholder engagement, you can be assured that your project will be appropriate, desirable, innovative and connected.
We can provide consultancy on:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Community (financial) participation in solar parks
  • Facilitating cross-sector partnerships
  • Biodiversity advisory groups

Climate Adaption & Resilience

We connect with a range of climate adapting, climate resilient, circular and renewable market initiatives which act to solve your particular sustainability challenges:

  • Renewable Electricity and home EV charging
  • Heating,
  • Energy storage,
  • Community initiatives,
  • Waste streams,
  • Water filtration,
  • Soil quality improvements
  • Animal feed solutions
  • And more….

Water Management Solutions

Our planet’s ecosystems are intricate and highly delicate. The increased stress and strain placed upon them by urbanization and climate change put our environment under serious risk, especially our water systems.

We step in to improve climate resilience and ecosystem stability by for example limiting toxic runoff and encouraging water table replenishment. We have the unique position to advise on all matters of water management within a NISPCertified solar park.

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