As soon as the solar park has been built, nature can be left to grow , but of course, it will need to be kept in check to maintain balance. Good maintenance plans as prescribed in the NISP tool support the recovery of the ecosystem. In the first three years after NISP development, the maintenance is planned and handled by Leafteasers. Overtime the maintenance needs will become reduced, and the NISP will behave as an indispensable part of the Dutch energy landscape.

Lets work together – Ecologists and Economists. Then we are really going to get the regenerative economy working.


“Meten is weten” (measurement is knowledge) is a well-known Dutch expression that truly says it all. We keep a close eye on the park, and work in collaboration with Wageningen University and Caeli to collect relevant data. We do this before, during and up to 3 years after the construction of the solar park. Through this extensive monitoring, we gain a lot of knowledge about nature in and around the solar park. This knowledge will be used to optimize methods and to strengthen nature recovery in future projects.

We are integrating the use of satellite images to measure heat and nitrogen emissions. But on the ground-level, we are also making field visits to ensure various nesting boxes are checked, eDNA is collected and the presence of key species are investigated.